Our Methodology

Our Methodology

We help applicants increase their chances of gaining acceptance to their college or graduate school of choice, through an approach exclusively developed by us, which combines years of experience helping others gain a competitive advantage in the game of college admissions.

How we do it

Successfully gaining acceptance into the college of your choice requires the understanding, evaluation, and performance measurement in college in a variety of factors. The most important factor is a combination of GPA and college entrance exam scores. This combination serves as a marker of where an applicant has the lowest, highest or average chances of acceptance. Beyond this factor, there are many issues, such as extra-curricular, charity, arts, athletic, and other skills that impact the odds of gaining acceptance into college.
Most people, and most college counselors, begin by assessing the aforementioned criteria for each student and arriving at a list of colleges to apply based on these odds. We believe that this methodology is inherently flawed.

While we start our process by incorporating your demographic factors – GPA, test scores, extra-curricular activities and personal background – we go further through our extensive interview to learn every aspect of your personality, interests, habits and more… in essence, what makes you uniquely you. Through this process, we build a narrative and together decide not just what are your odds of going to a particular school, but how can we best improve those odds.

At Admissions Company we spend a long time getting to know each applicant on a personal level. We go beyond academics and athletics, and use our expertise to develop a profile of each client that includes their demographic and psychographic backgrounds, personality profiles, hobbies, and interests, to form a comprehensive and unique portrait.
We do this so that we can develop a unique brand that will help each of our clients rise above the noise level and consistency of the thousands of other applicants vying for a limited number of seats. In essence, we work tirelessly to help each of our clients present their own unique brand to colleges.

Proprietary Method

Our proprietary method is based on spending the time necessary to get to know both the psychographics and demographics of each student, in order to help them gain acceptance to not just the highest-ranking college, but the one where their talents will be nurtured, and their process of self-discovery will have the widest berth. It is only by attending the right college that students can have the best possible chance at fulfilling their dreams.

Rooted in Data

We don’t believe in using our gut instincts, 30-year-old data, the experience of our grandparents, or the wisdom of ages in helping you get into college. Instead, we rely on large amounts of data to find the optimal geographic, social, cultural, and academic match for you. We even take into account the weather!

Personal Analytics

We begin with our initial interview, which takes between 2 and 4 hours with the applicant, and an additional 2 to 4 hours with the applicants’ parents. We continue to build a complete understanding of who you are, in order to help you get accepted to the college where you will be your best self.

Targeted College Selection

Our process will help you find a list of colleges to apply, where your best attributes are sought after and they can perform at a high level. This selection process is what makes us successful and our clients happy long after our job is done.