Graduate School

With so many college graduates applying to graduate school these days, admissions are particularly tough. And in such a competitive environment, Admissions Company can help you show graduate schools how you are uniquely positioned to excel in their graduate program.

Beyond advancing in traditional credentials, graduate schools want to see examples of your commitment to your chosen field. It’s essential to show schools who you are, how you are unique, and how your qualifications can contribute to the strength of the program. We can help you through this application process, crafting a portfolio that emphasizes your special skills and experiences within your area of academic interest.

An essential part of this process is the selection of the best schools for you, where you can shine. We develop this schools list with you, by combining a depth of facts about you and relevant experiences and qualities, with detailed data about graduate programs across the country. We then create a well-conceived, carefully researched, data-based list of schools.

Our advisors have a range of graduate degrees and are able to guide you through even the most challenging graduate school applications.

Masters & Doctorate Programs

Most graduate programs carefully select their students. They have the luxury to do so with limited seats at the top programs and many applicants. It is crucial to learn about each program and cater your application to its unique needs.

Applicants to Ph.D. programs also need to carefully review their research goals and find a program where these goals are aligned and an advisor that is amenable to this research. Picking the right advisor is crucial since a Ph.D. candidate will spend five to ten years under that professor’s tutelage.

Masters programs, especially in technical and scientific fields, have tremendous appeal to employers and therefore attract a competitive field of applicants. It is crucial to know what each program is seeking in their incoming class, otherwise, you may be rejected from a school without knowing why.

Dental School

At Admissions Company, we look at the dental school application process differently from medical school. While others may see similarities, we see unique differences. To gain acceptance to dental school, one must complete pre-requisite courses similar to medical school, take an entrance exam, and interview if requested. However, that superficial similarity belies a different competitive landscape that medical school applicants do not face.

There only some 60+ dental schools in the United States. These schools have varying degrees of selectivity and offer a focus range from research to clinical practice that are as varied as their pool of applicants. Furthermore, each dental school has its own distinct subculture, and not all applicants are suited for any dental school.

This is why our process for dental school applicants is geared specifically towards the particular combination of factors that best matches a student to a particular program of study. After all, it is important to attend the school whose academic and clinical teaching environment best suits your background.

Law School

Law school has always held an allure for a significant number of college graduates. A top law school has always held the promise of a long and rewarding career at a major law firm, corporation, or government agency.

Historically, the value of a law degree depended on the law school’s ranking, and the student’s performance within that structure. So, even the lower-ranked schools provided a significant value for their target audience, namely the opportunity to enter the legal profession, and/or the tools with which to enter an alternative career.

Unlike medical or dental school there are no pre-requisite courses to take. Unlike business school, law school requires practically no mathematics skills (beyond the ability to count). This is why, the decision to attend law school must be made wisely, and not simply by a process of elimination.

At Admissions Company, we believe that the decision to pursue a legal career should be made with eyes wide open, and help our clients navigate the muddy waters that are the current state of legal education.

Medical School

At Admissions Company, we look at the medical school application process as a long and laborious journey, not to be lightly undertaken. To gain acceptance to medical school, one must complete pre-requisite courses, take an entrance exam, and interview if requested. But beyond and within each simple step lies a myriad of choices, each of which could have a significant impact on the future prospects of the applicant.

With over 140 medical schools in the United States, each fielding a highly selective field of candidates, today’s medical school applicants must navigate through a maze of requirements in order to simply submit their applications. Yet, that is precisely where the competition begins.

This is why our process for medical school applicants is geared specifically towards the particular combination of factors that best prepare a student for the rigors of the medical school application process. After all, it is important to attend a school whose academic and clinical teaching environment best suits your background.


The Masters of Business Administration became the graduate degree of choice in the business world in the 1980s. Prior to that, the MBA was a niche degree for those who wished to accelerate their careers on Wall Street. Since then, the venerated MBA has gone through several iterations, with many schools vying for a spot in the coveted top tier.

The first question one should ask when deciding whether to pursue an MBA is why? It is extremely important to be able to justify your reasons for pursuing an MBA with your career goals. Many people benefit from earning an MBA on a part-time basis while continuing to work full-time. Others are best advised to pursue an executive MBA (EMBA).

For those who choose to pursue a full-time MBA, their decision can transform their lives if they choose a program that best suits their needs. The top 20 MBA programs each have a unique personality that is best suited to a particular type of individual.

At Admissions Company, we will carefully evaluate your interests in business, as well as which school will be the best fit for your needs. Our goal is to help you not just gain acceptance to the best possible MBA program but to finish at the top of your class and start a great career.