Undergraduate Admissions

Our Methodology

Our methodology gives our clients the competitive edge they need to gain acceptance into the best schools in the country. Below is a brief, high-level overview of how we achieve optimal results. Our methodology is also our secret recipe. That’s why all the details aren’t there. Call us and we’ll go over everything with you.

Initial Interview

The first step in our process is the initial interview. This takes between 2 and 4 hours with the applicant, and an additional 2 to 4 hours with the applicant’s parents. We will get to know you, and what makes you tick in order to bring out the best part of you.

Review & Analyze

We will review and analyze the results of the interview to develop an action plan. Depending on when you retain our services (some of our clients start before high school), we will develop an action plan to guide you through your high school year(s).

Building Your Path

When competing with tens of thousands of other applicants to gain admission to an elite school, the only distinguishing factors are your character and path in life. We help you develop your own unique path, nurture it, build it and shine a light on it. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure that high school is not only productive but fun!

Measure Performance vs. Goals

Throughout high school, it is important to measure one’s performance against the metrics required to gain acceptance into the student’s college of choice. If your performance is falling behind, then we can help you marshal the necessary resources to regain a competitive edge.

Develop a Targeted List of Schools

Applying to college requires patience and perseverance. It also requires the applicant to carefully select a list of colleges to apply to that maximizes the challenge and odds of getting accepted to the best possible colleges.

The Art of Interviewing

The college interview is an art. It requires talent, training, and practice. At Admissions Company, we begin this process as early as possible to ensure that by the time the college interview season comes around, you’re fully prepared for the challenge.

File Applications

Filing your applications may seem like an easy step, but it requires many small steps where the smallest mistake can have an amplified impact on your chances. We make sure you cross every t and dot every i before clicking submit.



This service is for the high school senior who already has a refined college list and has completed most of the college prep, but wants to be sure he/she has crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s. To that end, we guide the student through the college application process, to be sure everything has been completed, and done well, reflecting the student in the most positive light. We help the student with application guidance, to ensure that the essay topic(s) and writing best reflect the strengths and uniqueness of the applicant.



This service is ideal for rising high school seniors who have started the college prep process, but need focused, detailed direction in so far as developing and completing a custom college list, gaining a strong understanding of and preparing for the college interview, and essay guidance (including selecting topics and guiding the process). Our coach package includes an initial interview with the applicant, which enables us to create a custom college list that matches the student’s interests and needs. We serve as college coaches, guiding and encouraging students to put their best foot forward in the college application process.



This service is tailored for rising high school juniors, and guides students through the matrix of college admissions, developing and completing a custom college list, reviewing and analyzing the list to develop a final, targeted list that reflects the best match for applicants, gaining a strong understanding of and preparing for the college interview, and essay guidance (including selecting topics and guiding the process). This service also includes oversight and review of the curriculum and summer planning for the students’ junior and senior year.



This is our most popular package, as it includes all services of the previous packages combined with our proprietary methodology. Students who seek guidance and support throughout the high school years select this package. Integral to these services is our proprietary Core Character Construction™, enabling students to stand out from the applicant pool, rise above the noise of applicants, and present themselves in the best, most unique, light. We guide our students through every decision from entering high school to choosing a college, tailoring a unique experience for each student.

Initial InterviewYesYesYesYes
Review & AnalysisYesYesYesYes
Building Your PathNoNoYesYes
Performance Metrics &
Improvement Measurement
Summer & Extracurricular PlanningNoYes
(Junior Year)
(Sophomore & Junior Year)
(Freshman, Sophomore & Junior Year)
Curriculum DevelopmentNoNoYesYes
Targeted College PlanningNoYesYesYes
Application PrepYesYesYesYes
Essay PrepYesYesYesYes
Interview PrepYesYesYesYes
Final ChoiceNoYesYesYes
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