About Us

Our Results

We produce results for our clients. Below is a summary of our results over the past decade.

92% Accepted to Top 25 Colleges & Universities

$7,000,000+ in Merit Scholarships Awarded

Our Advantage

At Admissions Company, we believe that our competitive advantage lies in three distinct areas. First, our proprietary method relies on proven, measurable analytics to gather and analyze information about you and determine your chances of acceptance into each college or graduate school. Second, our process continues with guiding you on an optimal path, helping you make the best decisions about your application process, and improving your chances of acceptance in a statistically significant manner. Third, we will choose your best and most unique qualities and build a brand that helps you rise above the applicant pool.

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Our Methodology

We help applicants increase their chances of gaining acceptance to their college or graduate school of choice, through an approach exclusively developed by us, which combines years of experience helping others gain a competitive advantage in the game of college admissions.

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Code of Conduct

At Admissions Company, we take the ethical component of college admissions guidance very seriously. We hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. Our code of conduct is included in every client engagement.

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Dr. Sybil E. Gohari

Our founder, Dr. Sybil Gohari brings over a decade of experience as an educator and entrepreneur where she spends her time at the intersection of academia and technology. She has taught at the University of Maryland, College Park, American University, George Washington University, and Georgetown University.

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