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The Science of Admission

At Admissions Company, we believe that gaining admission into the best possible school begins with a comprehensive data analysis of the background of each of our clients, and determining whether that background matches the candidate profile that elite colleges and universities seek.  The amount of relevant data each applicant generates throughout high school is staggering.  Crunching that data and properly evaluating it in the context of college admissions is the core of our methodology. Learn more about what sets us apart.

The Art of Acceptance

At Admissions Company, our methodology is rooted in data and analytics, but complemented by a deep reservoir of expertise in guiding students from an early age to gain admission into the best possible college.  There is an art to finding the uniqueness in each applicant and helping them nurture that uniqueness into a gift that can be utilized as the foundation of an amazing college career.  If art is a combination of talent and practice, then we help each applicant become an artist by the time they apply to college.  Learn more about the advantage of working with us.


At Admissions Company, we help our clients show schools not only who they are, but how they are singular. We help differentiate our clients from the rest of the applicant pool.


At Admissions Company, we will carefully evaluate your interests in business, as well as which school will be the best fit for your needs. Our goal is to help you not just gain acceptance to the best possible MBA program, but to finish at the top of your class and start a great career.

Law School

At Admissions Company, we believe that the decision to pursue a legal career should be made with eyes wide open, and help our clients navigate the muddy waters that are the current state of legal education.

Medical School

With over 140 medical schools in the United States, each fielding a highly selective field of candidates, today’s medical school applicants must navigate through a maze of requirements in order to simply submit their application.  Yet, that is precisely where the competition begins.

Dental School

At Admissions Company, we look at the dental school application process differently from medical school. While others may see similarities, we see unique differences.


Beyond advancing in traditional credentials, graduate schools want to see examples of your commitment to your chosen field. It’s essential to show schools who you are, how you are unique, and how your qualifications can contribute to the strength of the program.


Our methodology uses all available tools and information, including reams of data about you, combined with demographic and psychographic data from institutions to find the best college for you. You can count on us.
With our proven methodology, we can significantly increase your chances of gaining admission into your target school, and help target higher ranked and more selective schools in the process. Learn more about our methodology by clicking here.

What our past clients say

There’s no higher compliment than that of happy clients. We hope to earn yours as well.

The Admissions Company helped me present my skills and background in the best possible light. They found out valuable things about my application that I would have never thought to include.


The Admissions Company helped me put forward the best possible application, and spent the time and effort to make sure I was prepared for my interviews.

N.M.Dental School

The Admissions Company helped me get into my top choice MBA program. My adviser was nothing short of incredible the whole step of the way.